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Scott Welcomme: Hey, it’s Scott Welcomme here. Great you could join me today for more insight in how to write, sing and play your way to new confidence.


Scott Welcomme: Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the note names of the Piano- without the need for pen marks, stickers or sticky residue left behind by tape?! Well today’s blog  brings you the solution you’ve been looking for! Fantastic news for everyone! So, I want to share with you a video. A ‘checking in’ session from my special guest Derek. Now Derek is going to, effectively, Derek will teach you where the note names of the keyboard are in a really quick method. And you’ll learn why ‘Checking in’ is the pathway to success and well being. You’ll see the delight on Derek’s face to be able to share what he’s learnt in the session.

Scott Welcomme: Hi Derek

Derek: Hi Mr Welcomme

Scott Welcomme: Hello there, How are you doing?

Derek: Yeah. I’m, I’m good.

Scott Welcomme: Good

Derek: I wanted to show you the uh. The uh thingy you taught me. You know the C and the uh 

Scott Welcomme: F

Derek: What’s that? F

Scott Welcomme: Brilliant

Derek: You was teaching me. And I know where they are!

Scott Welcomme: Go on then

Derek: I can show you where they are. I can show you where they are on the Ukulele.

Scott Welcomme: It’s Piano today, Derek

Derek: I can play Ukulele

Scott Welcomme: I know you can. But it’s Piano today

Derek: Yeah. I know it’s Piano today

Scott Welcomme: Yes 

Derek: Well. I’ll show you on the Piano then

Scott Welcomme: Yes please

Derek: I know where they are now

Scott Welcomme: That’s brilliant

Derek: I’ll do the flippy camera thing

Scott Welcomme: Ok

Derek: And I’ll find ‘em

Scott Welcomme: Ok

Derek: For you. That’s right. Uh. Where was it? Right, so I had these two black notes here. These two ones. A set of two.

Scott Welcomme: Yep

Derek: And then a set of three. And a set of two

Scott Welcomme: Yes

Derek: And a set of three. Etc. So

Scott Welcomme: A set of three. Yep

Derek: So these two

Scott Welcomme: Yep

Derek: If I come down ere. I know that one is a C

*Plays C note on Piano*

Derek: Is that right?

Scott Welcomme: That’s it. Yeah. Yeah, well done.

Derek: Yes. Wicked. I remembered. And these three ere. Oh hang on

Scott Welcomme: Yes. Go on

Derek: If I find a two. That’s right. If I find another two down here. That’s a C as well. Yeah

*Plays C note on Piano*

Scott Welcomme: That’s right. It is a C as well. Well done

Derek: What if I find another two here. There’s two. That’s a C as well then

Scott Welcomme: Yep. Anywhere on the keyboard. It is 

Derek: So what. If I do. If I find three and go down one

Scott Welcomme: Yes, go on

Derek: That’s an F. I remember that.

Scott Welcomme: That's how you find F. That’s right

Derek: You told me three black notes. Go down one. That’s how you find F

Scott Welcomme: Go down one. That's how you find F 

Derek: Two black notes, go down one. That’s how you find C

Scott Welcomme: That’s how you find C

Derek: So C, F  *Plays F note on Piano*

Scott Welcomme: That’s right. Yep

Derek: So if I find another three black notes there. I can find F again. And I find another three. I find F again

Scott Welcomme: That’s right. Derek. That’s brilliant news

Derek: Yeah, I’m smart aren’t I?!

Scott Welcomme: Yes. Very smart

Derek: I’m pleased with myself

Scott Welcomme: Yes. Very good. It’s very good, Derek. You should be pleased with yourself.

Derek: Thank you. It’s only ‘coz ‘yous such a good teacher

Scott Welcomme: Oh. Don’t be silly

Derek: I couldn’t play nothing without you. No I know where C and F is

Scott Welcomme: You’ll be able to play anything. Can you find G for me

Derek: G. Where do I find G?

Scott Welcomme: Find the F. Find the F again

Derek: Alright. Let me do the flippy camera thing then. Right, find. Find F.

Scott Welcomme: Yep. Yes. Go down one. That’s right

Derek: Three black notes go down one. That’s where F is *Plays F note on Piano*

Scott Welcomme: Now go up oneDerek: So if I go up one. That’s a G. Like the alphabet. Like *Plays G note on Piano*

Scott Welcomme: Yes

Derek: C, D. Oh. I know where D is as well then. So *Plays notes on Piano where letters appear for the remainder of the transcript*

Scott Welcomme: That’s right it is

Derek: C, D, E

Scott Welcomme: Excellent

Derek: F. I know that one the three black notes go down one is F

Scott Welcomme: Yep

Derek: Then a G 

Scott Welcomme: That’s brilliant

Derek: And I know that’s a C

Scott Welcomme: That’s good

Derek: So I’ve only got two more to learn and I know the whole lot. 

Scott Welcomme: You know the full lot

Derek: Well, other than some of these other ones, but

Derek: I know that’s a C. Then a D

Scott Welcomme: Yes

Derek: Then an  E

Scott Welcomme: Yep. E

Derek: an F  

Scott Welcomme: F, G

Derek: And a G 

Scott Welcomme: Excellent

Derek: Well. That’s exciting

Scott Welcomme: That’s brilliant, Derek

Derek: So this one. Mr Welcomme. This one 

Scott Welcomme: Yep

Derek: Has gotta be an H then

Scott Welcomme: No. It doesn’t work like that

Derek: What d’ya mean no?

Scott Welcomme: It doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t work like that. It’s like the alphabet.

Derek: But it’s the alphabet. Right. We do C, D E,F

Scott Welcomme: Yes. E, F 

Derek: G

Scott Welcomme: G

Derek: So that’s gotta be 

Scott Welcomme: It starts at

Derek: So that’s gotta be H

Scott Welcomme: No. Its starts at A again. Derek

Derek: What do you mean it’s A. How can that be A

Scott Welcomme: Because that’s the way it works in music. There is no H. It starts at A again

Derek Oh. right. So it’s only part alphabet 

Scott Welcomme: Yes

Derek: So I do C, D, E, F

Scott Welcomme: E, F, G

Derek: G. What’s that one?

Scott Welcomme: A

Derek: A. A

Scott Welcomme: B,C. And it carries on

Derek: So that’s not uh. That’s not the next one then. So what’s that?

Scott Welcomme: What d’you mean

Derek: I think my alphabet again. B. And I know that’s C

Scott Welcomme: Yes

Derek: ‘cos there’s two black notes and go down one. I know that’s C

Scott Welcomme: That’s right

Derek: I know that’s F. ‘Cos it’s three black notes and go down one

Scott Welcomme: Go down one

Derek: Is F. I know that one

Scott Welcomme: That’s brilliant

Derek: So that’s C backwards. So that’s gotta be a

Scott Welcomme: yeah. Go on, go backwards

Derek. Well be a B

Scott Welcomme: Yep. That’s brilliant

Derek: So go back again. So that’s a C,D,E,F,G

Scott Welcomme: C, D,E,F,G

Derek: Not H, ‘cos there’s no H 

Scott Welcomme: No

Derek: no H in the Piano. But there is in the alphabet

Scott Welcomme: No. That’s right

Derek: So that one starts at A again

Scott Welcomme: Yep

Derek: Then a B

Scott Welcomme: B

Derek: Then a C

Scott Welcomme: And a C

Derek: I did it. I did it Mr Welcomme

Scott Welcomme: You did

Derek: I did it. 

Scott Welcomme: I’m so pleased for you, Derek

Derek: I know all the notes on the keyboard

Scott Welcomme: You do

Derek: You’ve gotta be proud of me, right

Scott Welcomme: I’m very proud of you

Derek: My confidence has gone whoosh. Like a rocket

Scott Welcomme: Oh. That is so good to hear, Derek

Derek: Oh. I’m so excited. Thank you Mr Welcomme

Scott Welcomme: I’ll see you later

Derek: Alright Mr Welcomme. Thank you. Yeah

Scott Welcomme: Yeah, and you, Derek

Derek: Alright. Take it easy, yeah

Scott Welcomme: You’ve done really well today

Derek: I’ll talk to you soon. Alright. 

Scott Welcomme: See you later

Derek: Alright, thanks

Scott Welcomme: Bye

Derek: Alright. Bye

Scott Welcomme: Off you go then

Derek: Bye, yeah bye. 

Scott Welcomme: No. Derek. You need to go first

Derek: You hang up first though. Oh. You want me to hang up

Scott Welcomme: Alright

Derek: Alright 

Scott Welcomme: Bye

Derek: Bye. Bye

Calm before the show by Scott Welcomme

Take your mind off things and allow you to feel a moment to be calm. 


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