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So the festive season is here once more. And I love the sound of Carols to light up the feel of the Autumn ‘dip’. And bring the good old Christmas spirit to life once more.


If you thought this blog post was gonna be rude- sorry folks. It’s all clean I’m afraid- Just a Christmas Cracker!


At the festive time of year- music is a 'reason' to help lift the cold snap that the 'season' of winter brings. The easiest way to do that is through song. To spread joy & uplift the mood.

There’s nothing quite like belting out a Christmas classic to put a smile on someone’s face. And enjoy the release of a ton of endorphins to turn the festive cheer to the max! Cue the band and sing along- altogether now....!

Santa singing
Conducting in Hong Kong

Christmas is a time for happiness and celebration. No matter your background. So Carols and festive favourites are often in major keys to reflect their nature and spirit.


Did you know that most Christmas Carols can be played in one key? (On a ‘C’ instrument anyway….) No sweat about precious time spent on which key you’re in. It's just another ‘F’ in Carol! You can play each one as separate or a medley. And stroll right from one to the next. 


As a kid I was fascinated by the electronic decs that play tune after tune of Christmas favourites. I still am! But it wasn’t until years later that I realised. It’s just another ‘F’. Last week I sat at my Piano reminiscing about Christmas' past. With my eldest daughter sat to play & sing ‘Away in a Manger’.  She asked me “Daddy, can you play another one?” And as I started to play. Every Carol flowed from one to the next- all in the Key of F Major.

I was like a kid in a candy store! Memories came flooding in as I played. My daughter, fascinated that there was no end in sight. Generations of Christmas Carols and pop hits filled our evening. Truth be known- it was like a karaoke bar. For me anyway. Who knew such joy could come from another ‘F’ in Carol?!

Another F' in Carol

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Calm before the show by Scott Welcomme

Take your mind off things and allow you to feel a moment to be calm. 


Some Carols have been written with simplicity in mind- so there's no need for changes if using chimes or hand bells. But also, with the structure of a hymn. Carols can be 'pulled out' at the last moment and played with minimum practise.

Not to mention if you can play it once- you can play all the verses! Add the last section as the intro- and you've got a whole collection ready to go!


What’s Your favourite Christmas Carol?

Do you have a favourite you love to belt out without a care in the world what others think?!

What lifts your spirits and gets you all excited about the festive celebrations?


Is there a particular song that’s ‘lifted’ you out of a ‘cold snap’?

I'd love to hear all about your stories! Leave a comment below and let me know. Share as much detail as possible in your reply


Remember, your favourites may inspire someone else to open up & sing this Christmas. And help change their life for the better.

(With COVID-19 in mind. Please abide by guidance for wherever you are with regards to singing. Make sure there’s plenty of fresh air. And you’re ‘socially distanced’ to keep everyone safe!)


Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility or liability for any illness that arises from you singing as a result of reading this blogpost. It’s here to spread joy- not to break rules.


Important: Thoughts and ideas are to be shared directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed. 


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Stay determined and strive to look after yourself and inspire others with your own unique festive celebrations!   

Write, sing and play your way to new confidence.

Peace- Love & Joy to you all this Festive season

Good will to everyone!


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