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If you’ve thought about learning an instrument but felt intimidated- I’ll help change it. If you think you can’t sing, you’re not in tune, you have zero talent or think you’re too old. I’ll break things down into a simple, step by step approach. So no matter your age or experience, you'll find learning music fun and easy for you. 

I’ll help you master the essentials, so you’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration. If you’re further along the road and want advice or brush up on your skills before an exam or audition. I’m here to make sure you nail it. You focus on what you want and need. Leave the details to me.

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I’m a multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Dedicated World Class Educator, Mentor, Coach & Music Specialist.


I help nervous, anxious individuals, with low self esteem- Who often feel like they're a failure. I help change their life through the power of music. I help change their thought process, physical ability and help remove their blockade to success (Using proven methods*)


I provide music services from beginner to masterclass. Kids to Grandparents, wherever you are across the globe. In person, or online, I’ll help you write, sing & play. From instrumental tuition to exam & audition prep. classroom Music or online essentials. Classical, Jazz, Music Theatre- the lot. I’ve got you covered. 


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* You'll discover the same vocal technique that helped Bradley Cooper win a Grammy! (for 'A Star is Born)

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Calm before the show by Scott Welcomme
Don't miss out on this soothing track I created for you, to take your mind off things and allow you to feel a moment to be calm. Grab your Mp3 ‘Calm before the show’, to help you stay in your zone- and bring an instant beautiful calm when you take 5 in your busy day.
“Most useful about the lessons – for me it is just the confidence thing. First off was hearing from you that my voice was not so terminally awful that I could train it to be a passable singing voice. And then next, your detail detail detail on the phrasing and tiny thing about each song shows me how to go about improving. And of course, learning that it’s a physical thing and you have to train your body in breathing, relaxation, and all those consonants and vowels. Oh yes, and listening! You are an excellent teacher! Your lessons are excellent value for money. What you give people is hugely valuable and they will be happy to pay it”
- Lizzie, Dorset UK

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I’m blessed and feel privileged to have helped so many people across the world. I'm proud they've found their confidence through music. I’m inspired by countless people I’ve taught in the past. And they’re still proud to share their success with me from what they learnt. I love to hear their heartening stories of how what they learnt with me- changed their lives forever. Their result of increase in confidence and love for music is why I do what I do. They even recognise me in the supermarket (with my mask and jeans on!)  

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