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Scott Welcomme BA Hons PGCE (QTS) MISM DBS Certificate

Hi, I'm Scott. 

A Dedicated World Class Educator, Mentor, Coach & Music Specialist.  Changing lives one note at a time.

Whether you’ve been learning for a while or started out and need guidance. I’m here to help develop your strengths and creativity.

Can I skip to the part where I’m awesome?

Oh, if only everything was so simple as to skip to the best part! If you had dessert before your main meal every time, you’d never look forward to the treat at the end- or enjoy the journey along the way. You’d miss out on all the extra flavours and textures.  It’s the same with music. Music’s about being creative and the whole lotta benefits that you’d miss if you could already play everything. When you play and create- you get the full menu. Sure there’ll be some dishes you might not get on with to start with - but if you always have the same, you’ll never know what it’s like to try something new. 

You’ve gotta start somewhere if you wanna make the final cut. You could continue with the same mistakes. Confused with info overload, no clarity or feedback. Or, with a world class, educator, mentor & coach. You’ll get someone who understands your needs & listens. Someone who works with you for meaningful results, with you in the driving seat.

You'll even discover the same vocal technique that helped Bradley Cooper win a Grammy! (for 'A Star is Born')

You focus on what pieces you want...

... and let someone, who turns dreams into reality , show you how to get the results you want.

Being a teacher is all about helping people to understand and learn new things. But too often, the 'Survival of the Fittest' approach takes over. And if you have anxiety and low self esteem, you get left behind. You never get the opportunity to discover your true strengths. You want high notes with ease and magic when you play. But you want to be so good and feel so confident you’ll look and sound like a superstar. Your friends, family & neighbours will be in shock. Imagine if they could see the change in you, in your confidence and character. You’ll love the compliments as people flock for a selfie. While asking you about the next explosive blockbuster soundtrack. Your family will think you lead a secret double life!

You want someone who:


1. Is fun but dedicated and professional  

I'm committed to help you find your voice and refocus how you play, so you'll always be ready for when your agent calls. Nowadays, you gotta be flexible. Which means we’ll check out different styles. I’ll help you master the essentials, so you’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration.   

2. Relates to and understands their clients      

You want someone with enthusiasm- not only show you the ropes, but help you focus, and give you clarity. I’ll help break things down and explain them in easy to understand, simple terms. So no matter your age or experience, learning music is fun and easy. You’ll be confident using building blocks behind masterpieces to create your own. Music Grades aren't the world, but they are handy when it comes to credentials. I'm proud of my student's 100% exam pass rate.   

3. Trustworthy & reliable- Accomplished like a Mandolorian

Satisfied clients all over the globe love using my simple solutions to get started. 17 years in a ton of roles and schools- newbie through Senior leader. Parents, School leaders and everyone between, trust me with focus & detail.  Qualifications? DBS? I’m armoured & stay current with what’s what. DBS Check as standard. If you saw my full credential list you’d think I’m a Mandolorian.        

Who's the music tutor, who can offer you expertise in all areas?

Songwriting & performing in one

It's me- Ta da!

Let me tackle the hard stuff.

You choose what you’ll wear when you collect the Musician of the Year award.

Work smarter, not harder.

  • You’ll gain much more freedom and choice, discover your own capabilities and believe in them.
  • You’ll realise performing is a lifelong thing….. And really fun too!
  • You’ll discover you can create masterpieces- from a simple starting point. Even with no previous knowledge
  • You’ll love expressing yourself by writing your own songs and music for film.
  • You’ll feel motivated, knowledgeable, inspired and ready to innovate.
  • You’ll love combining singing and acting skills to become your favourite characters- entering the realm of Music Theatre performance

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"Scott is a positive and motivated individual that promotes a purposeful and fun learning environment for his students and his colleagues. He is an excellent teacher; keen to reflect and develop his delivery. Greatest strengths? Enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to music education. Teaching with high musical expectations and new and innovative teaching methods that includes the use of technology to enhance learning.
- NG- Former Service Manager & Lead Professional, Dorset Music Service & Dorset Music Education Hub. UK

Want to know more about me?

My clients love their increase in confidence when they work with me. Their self-esteem improves and they want to learn more. They love the way I pinpoint their exact weakness - and show them how to conquer it. 


So where does all my passion and enthusiasm come from? Here’s the story.

Scott Welcomme as Winthrop Peru in The Music Man
Christmas Day at Hong Kong Disneyland

Music and Drama offered me a way to face my inner fears

From my first show, age 8, my destiny involved performance. Singing, toe- taping and trombone. Who would’ve thought that years later I’d have moved my family & I from England to Hong Kong where we lit. lived at Disneyland most weekends.
Years of school concerts and summer theatre groups while growing up kept my mind off being the school ‘Fatty’. Getting bullied allowed me access to a superpower I never knew I had. I played many instruments, sang and attempted to dance. From Performing Arts Degree to qualified music teacher. Did I mention my near- death experience at University, after my appendix burst? I’ve got an adventure collection for the grandkids in the future!



I’ll skip the gory details, but boy, those memories- when I had to retrain my muscles! Surgery put my Trombone and Vocal hopes on the shelf for a while. My fingers still worked fine for the Piano and I could still hold drumsticks! It was my chance for mass songwriting & composing. 

My clients love my resilient approach. It’s inspired so many to keep going when they feel like giving up.

Flash forward through countless shows, concerts and meetings. We relocated from London to the South Coast. I changed Schools, job roles and gained an insight into being a Senior Leader as a Deputy Headteacher. Parents to two Princesses later, our lives shifted again. This time to the other side of the globe.   For more about my accomplished teaching career- see what others say in Success Stories From Around The Globe.
Chinese New Year Celebrations 2

Success stories from Asia: A Whole New World

15 years teaching in the UK- it was time to go truly international and spend more time with my wife and daughters. In 2018, we arrived in Hong Kong with only 4 suitcases and nowhere to live.  While I taught at an International School, I helped inspire students with awesome Chinese Drum techniques. My extensive rhythmic groove stockpile got even bigger, playing with the Hong Kong Samba School. You know you sound great when the Police wanna join in. But we got shut down ‘coz the neighbours complained!

Gamelan in Ubud Bali

Gamelan in Bali with my wife & kids

Rindik in Bali

Rindik session at the ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali


School trip to Manila, Philippines. My students performed at the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) Primary Music Festival

‘Thriller in Manila’ is an event I’ll remember, including the responsibility that came with it! More about this one another day…

Thriller in Manila- FOBISIA 2019
Ho Chi Minh Tambourine Workshop




Further international success


Watch my epic trailer to see kids and teachers from all over South East Asia showing off their new skills from me.

" Our teacher tambourine band is our demo of how performing is a lifelong thing….. And really fun too!
- Alice Orton- Head of Primary Music- St Andrews International School. Bangkok

Wish Upon A Star

Well, who would’ve thought? The way we arrived in HK, we’d spent Christmas Day at Disneyland? Covid-19 bought our Asian adventure to an unexpected early close. Back home in the UK since Feb. 2020. Lessons online has been the norm. Though I miss Disney like crazy, I got so many magical memories to inspire my clients. Make your wish upon a star become part of your world. All it takes is faith, trust and some Pixie dust right? Let's be honest though. With you destined to learn new things, you won't wonder when your life will begin. I make magic with music everyday. Let me help you do the same.

Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m so pleased our love of music has connected us.

I look forward to taking the next step together.

Now make the choice to hear your voice and do the next right thing! 


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