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"You teaching me Piano has changed me completely. From barely knowing what a Piano was, to playing on a Steinway in front of an audience! Everything I’ve learnt has been really fun and has definitely been worth the practise.
- Amalie
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Scott Welcomme BA Hons PGCE (QTS) MISM DBS Certificate
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I'm Scott.

An award winning* Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Dedicated World Class Educator, Mentor & Coach. I inspire individuals around the globe to change their life through the power of music. Kids to Grandparents-whatever their level of grasp, love to develop their strengths & creative side with me. I help nervous individuals, who often feel like they're a failure, thrive and build their confidence. They overcome low self esteem and feel like a Superstar! In person or online. You can access music tuition with me wherever you are in the world....

*Music Mark Award Winner 2023

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"When I was younger I really struggled to keep in tune and I struggled to breathe correctly when I sang, and my mum would always tell me to give up on it. But Scott showed me that it only takes that one person to believe in you to make all the difference. And since then I've practiced constantly and kept performing in front of people to the point where I can play in front of an audience of strangers and feel completely comfortable. Scott taught me in Junior school and spent a lot of time teaching me to sing and encouraging me to keep practicing and if it wasn't for him I never would have continued to pursue music. I'm now a singer songwriter with hundreds of original songs that I've yet to record. I'm performing open mic nights locally and hoping to start doing some more paid gigs now that lockdown is over. I'd recommend Scott to anyone.

Learn the secrets for how to become an epic musician- you choose what you'd like to learn & let me do the rest. 

No matter your age or experience, you'll find learning music fun and easy. 

Love the look when people hear your results. You'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.


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Calm before the show by Scott Welcomme

Take your mind off things and allow you to feel a moment to be calm.

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Scott during his time at Discovery Bay. He is an outstanding practitioner; outstanding in all areas of Teaching and Learning. His talent is underpinned by a very modest and unassuming persona, and an unyielding enthusiasm for all things music. As a very diverse teacher, he has a vast skill set that includes music production using various technology platforms, considerable training in world music, expertise in various choral contexts, as well as leading orchestral ensembles that include conducting and arranging. Scott is also experienced in Musical Theatre and is a very good pianist. I would love the opportunity to work together in the future.
- David Spencer. Head of Performance and Creative Arts. Discovery Bay International School. Hong Kong
Scott Welcomme & Dave Spencer
Mary at 97 Never too old to discover something new
Mary was 97 here!
Think you're too old to learn something new?
No matter your age or experience, you'll find out how learning music can be fun and made easy.
A demo of tips & tricks in the studio

A demo of  tips and tricks in the studio

"Just a little note of thanks to you - you probably don't even realise how much music did to support Phoebe! Learning to play one instrument led to another and then more - an A* for GCSE music - all this started with you. The most important gift music has given Phoebe is her mental health - I am so used to hearing her singing or playing in the house, she calls music her stress buster; last year during the run up to GCSE's she struggled as many teens do and I didn't think I would get her through that period but she came through it and that in a way is down to you and the love of music you instilled in her, So cheers to you Mr Welcomme!
- Jayne- Parent, UK

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Music Mark Award Win- November 2023

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Scott Welcomme Music Mark Speech
Scott Welcomme holding the 'Dynamism' Music Mark Award
Music Mark Acceptance
Music Mark Award Winners & Nominees

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Featured in the Dorset Primary Times

Escala visit Upton Junior school!

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Thriller in Manila- FOBISIA 2019
Chair drumming in Vietnam
Carols on the Pitch
Scott Welcomme & Lin Marsh
Ho Chi Minh Tambourine Workshop

JAWS Tambourine workshop- 

ABC International School. 

Ho Chi Minh City, 


"I never thought in a million years that Isaac would ever have the confidence to play in front of an audience, let alone play a piece he’d created himself! Isaac really looks forward to his lessons with you. I’ve lost count of the times he has said “I wish it could be Friday everyday”. Thank you for showing us that he has the potential to take his music learning to the next level.
- Jenny- Parent, UK
Chinese New Year Celebrations Discovery Bay International School Hong Kong

Chinese Drumming Team

Discovery Bay International School Hong Kong   Chinese New Year celebrations 2020

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  I'm so grateful for the support I've had over the years. So many opportunities have been presented as a result of other people's belief in me. It's only right that I do the same for others- and Pay it forward. To find out how I'm getting involved click here