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You deserve to learn in a secure online learning environment. I want to make sure you get the best from the high quality provision that I offer- Without the need to worry about shoddy excuses.

If you do your bit and I do mine, that’s double security- without the extra cost of a security guard!

Before we get stuck in with the ins and outs & how it all works. Let’s be clear about things I’ve been asked before. Since we’re in this for the long haul, It’s important we understand each other. You want the best, most comfortable journey, right? So let’s make sure we’re both in first class, rather than only getting half the menu in Economy.

Cost of tuition

Please proceed to booking where all options and prices are listed

(For family package, please contact me to discuss)

What ages do I teach?
I provide online music services from beginner to masterclass. Kids to Grandparents, wherever you are in the world. I’ll help you write, sing & play. From classroom &, instrumental tuition to exam & audition prep. Classical, Jazz, Music Theatre- the lot. I’ve got you covered. 

Want the juicy details? Find out more on my about page. You can contact me in advance if you want to discuss things further.  

For all instrumental tuition 

I take bookings from Age 5 for 30 minute 1-1 slots 

(Parental presence is required for assistance with students under Age 6)  

Bookings of 45 or 60 minutes are for students Age 8+

Please do not select more than 30 minutes, if booking for an individual 1-1 lesson for Ages 5-7. 

Group tuition- Coming soon.

To be notified of when this becomes available, email me at with the Subject line as: Group tuition

Music Theory- Age 8+

Composition, Songwriting & Performance Development- Age 9+

Piano lessons if you don't have a Piano

I’ve been asked before about Piano lessons if you don’t have a Piano. Well, the answer simply is this. It depends on your individual needs. Contact me in advance if you need to discuss options.  As a kid, I had drum lessons without a drum kit. Pots and pans were awesome! There are so many apps and websites that provide a touch- screen or clickable Piano at your fingertips. It depends what you want out of your lessons with me. If you want your own digital or real Piano, but not sure what to get- we can chat about that once we get started and pinpoint your needs.

Parent & Child lessons?

Listen, it’s a great time to strengthen and nurture relationships between you and your kids. As a Parent myself I’ve loved spending extra time with my kids- but that doesn’t mean they like the same things I do. You’ll both have different needs when you play or sing, which is absolutely expected. Encouragement is the key and I’m all about removal of pressure where it’s in the way.  

I’ve taught kids with their Parents before. The thing I notice straight away is the child puts up a defence guard. They don’t want their Parents finding out who Batman or Wonder Woman are for real. You’ll most likely find your child will blossom and be more ‘themself’ when you’re not there like Haweye. How many times have you noticed them secretly play or sing in a different room. But when you walk in, they stop? You’ve gotta appreciate each student’s progress will be different each lesson. I give the next steps from the needs and ability of each client.

The bottom line is- it’s worth a shot, if you want a lesson with your kid together, then go for a Parent and Child booking. But if it turns out that your needs are too different, then no hard feelings. Book in for individual lessons instead. You’d need to email me to adjust the booking agreement if you decided to switch. They’ll thank you more for your honesty than being forced into something they don’t really want.They’d probably prefer their own ‘me’ time and moment in the spotlight anyway. Remember being dragged around the supermarket as a kid when all you wanted was watch TV or play video games? Same reality- different time.

If you do decide you would like to book a Parent and Child session-Please select Parent & Child option when you book.

Here's all the extra detail you need to know

  • It may sound obvious- You will need access to a reliable internet connection
  • You’ll need to make sure your device is working well to get the most out of your lesson
  • You may find it useful to wear headphones to enhance your learning experience
  • We'll use Google Meet as our meeting platform
  • You do not have to have a gmail account to use Google Meet
  • Google Meet does not require any plugins and can be accessed from Chrome and other modern web browsers
  • If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll need to have the Meet app downloaded in advance. For all devices, please check your audio and video settings before your lesson
  • A secure link for your meet will be automatically emailed to you when you book
  • Don’t try and join your meet before your lesson- or you’ll be rejected like sitting on the sub bench
  • You’ll also be able to add it to your calendar
  • In the rare event that Google Meet is not available, a different platform will be agreed in advance with you by email
  • When you book, let me know if you want help with the set-up of Google Meet or your equipment. Email me at and I’ll aim to get back to you within 48 hours to help you get set up
  • Lessons are limited to booked times. So you need to be there on time. If you’re late- you get less time, plus no refund will be issued for what you miss
  • If you have trouble when you connect to the link. Email me and I’ll set up a new link if needed
  • As with all online platforms, security for Google Meet is kept under review and updated all the time
For all tuition, please complete the booking form fully, so we can get started straight away when your lesson starts. Remember to email me in advance of your lesson if you would like some assistance with getting set up.


As a Parent, I’m well aware that sometimes things don’t go to plan. That’s why I offer you the chance to reschedule your booking at no extra cost (Subject to terms- please see Tuition Agreement and website T's & C's Cancellation of booked service for details)

  • If you can’t make your lesson, you can rearrange it, if there’s a booking slot available. This is not a guarantee
  • Please read the tuition agreement and website Terms of Use for details of terms for booking, cancellation of/missed lessons

Expectations for tuition from you: See specific details below for Students, Parents and Adults

Double security- without the extra cost of a security guard!

If you’re booking for you or your kids- I’ve got you covered. Our kids watch us and see the choices and decisions we make everyday, to help shape their lives ahead. You want to be able to sleep at night and know your kids are safe, and their wellbeing is taken care of. You want them to impress themselves with what they’re able to do, and want to discover more of what they’re capable of. You want to show your kids why giving up is not an option in life and why it’s important to show them how to be responsible and inspire confidence with the way they learn and discover.

You want to know you’re safe- I’ve got your back for well being. 

I’m always on the lookout to make sure my own credentials are up to date. Safeguarding and Child Protection are so important. In the last year I've had four extra updates. Including training for the Prevent Duty. Both from education and music industry professionals. Tim Gerrish OBE, (Head of International Child Protection) Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). The National College  & The Key. I also hold a current Enhanced DBS Certificate. You'll sleep well with added protection as standard. You'll love growing in confidence from shy & timid to blossom with resilience galore. You'll be proud you've provided the best for them. Together, you'll discover a ton of things for why it's vital to develop a musical mind as soon as possible. And how engagement with music now, will open the door to infinite possibilities ahead. 

Added layer of protection

At the present time Google Meet sessions WILL NOT be recorded by either of us- even for practice purposes. At my discretion and agreement to contact you, we can talk about any interesting resources or links of interest outside of the usual less booking. Any Google Meet that is allocated for tuition will be the live agreed tuition only.

I will host all the Meet sessions.

For lessons to work well you agree:

STUDENTS (Under 18)

  • Parental presence is required for assistance with students under Age 6 (See below for further Parental support)
  • To use Google Meet in an environment that is quiet, safe and free from distractions
  • To make sure you are on time for your interactive sessions with equipment and any agreed resources ready to use
  • Positioning of equipment/device can be sorted at our first session but it will be helpful to have, where possible, a side table or chair to help with angle/view- particularly with Piano lessons
  • To dress appropriately for learning (no pyjamas, no swimwear)
  • Discuss with your Parent/Carer if you would like to work on a particular piece or specific focus. This will be asked about on the booking form
  • For Vocal tuition- Please ask your Parent or Carer to email me a link to your chosen song at least 24 hours before your first booked lesson. Please make sure you either know the words to the song, have an additional device to read from, or have the lyrics printed off
  • Mobile phones are to be placed away during sessions to avoid distractions and interruptions (unless they are being used as the communication video device in the session) Messaging of friends during your lesson is not ok- even if it is to tell them what a great time you're having and how amazing your lesson is!
  • Close off other applications and focus fully on the session- this includes any extra tabs you don’t need open for the lesson
  • Always interact patiently, positively and respectfully- As I will for you
  • Provide feedback to me about your experiences and any relevant suggestions. I'd love to hear about your positive experiences
  • You may not record any online interactions. This includes screenshots or recording by any other means- audio or visual. If you want to share video or audio of yourself to show me progress, then this will need to be arranged through your Parents by email or phone conversation
  • Please start every session with your microphone on mute until I ask you to unmute

For Music Theory

  • Make sure you have your workbook/practice materials with you for the lesson (if needed)
  • Always have a pencil and eraser nearby


To help lessons go well, you’ll support by making sure:

  • Your child has a workspace that is quiet, safe and free from distractions with an adult nearby
  • Your child has equipment setup ready to get the most from their lesson- practice with them before the lesson starts to make sure they get into a routine
  • Your child is dressed appropriately.
  • The online lesson should only be between myself and your child, unless discussed before the lesson takes place. You may help with the initial set up before a lesson starts but will then need to allow your child to attend the meet without you on screen with them. The exception to this is if your child is under Age 6. Where this is the case, you will be required to assist, where necessary
  • You’re required to be in the same area that the lesson is taking place but agree you will not disrupt the flow of the lesson with questions or comments. If you have other questions you’ll be able to contact me by email after the lesson
  • As with students- You may not record any lessons. This includes screenshots or recording by any other means- audio or visual. If you wish to share recorded video or audio of your child to show me progress, then this will need to be arranged by email or phone conversation. Occasionally, I will make extra practice videos available
  • For Vocal tuition- Please email me a link to your child's chosen song at least 24 hours before their first booked lesson. Please make sure they either know the words to the song, have an additional device to read from, or have the lyrics printed off

I will of course, let you know about any behaviour or interaction that are inappropriate or not helpful to learning; though I would expect this not to happen- kids are kids and though I’ve taught many characters over the years, it's still my duty to make sure everyone is safe.


To make sure you get the best from your time with me, make sure:

  • Make sure you have an area that is quiet, safe and free from distractions for your lesson

Your lesson won’t be as enjoyable or useful if you’re on a train or outdoors with the wind howling in the background!

  • Your equipment is ready and your wifi is working well
  • You’re honest with me- Like I say honesty is best- and vital when it comes to you getting the most out of your lesson. So tell me- what’s bugging you? What can I help with?

For Music Theory

  • Make sure you have your workbook/practice materials with you for the lesson (if needed)
  • Always have a pencil and eraser nearby

More info on Google Meet

For information about how Google Meet keeps video conferences protected please read related articles from Google itself.

These added terms and conditions work jointly with terms set out in the Tuition Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Use of the Scott Welcomme Music Services Website. 

Please also make sure you read my Personal data and Privacy Statement so you’re familiar with how I work.



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