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Music Theory

Allow me to take you behind the scenes to discover a magical world that’s been around for thousands of years.

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There’s no green screen involved, or fancy technological software to make it come alive!

Shapes, rhythms and patterns are natural gifts for us to nurture. Music Theory is the same as doing a puzzle, or building with blocks. Or playing your favourite video game. 

The order can change, so can the level of challenge. There are many different ways of producing the same thing, with a different outcome.I’ll help break things down and explain them in easy to understand, simple terms. So no matter your age or experience, learning music is fun and easy. 

You’ll be confident using building blocks behind masterpieces to create your own.

I offer two two types of booking for Music Theory:

  • Music Theory (Students who have some knowledge and understanding of basic theory and are looking to gain more confidence/improve)
  • Music Theory for Songwriters/Creators (For beginners new to Music Theory. Students who have little or no formal musical theory understanding or training)

Bonus alert! You’ll even get the extra opportunity to learn phrases in different languages.

Here’s a guideline for what you’ll become familiar with:

  • How to master scales, intervals, pitches, Key Signatures and clefs
  • How to recognise & use basic notation, time signatures, tempo & dynamics
  • How to compose melodies, chords, progressions, and phrases to form music
  • How to compose harmonies and accompanying melodies for voice and instruments

So I understand exactly what you’re looking for, let’s chat in more detail at your lesson. Or send me an email at so I can prepare to make sure you get the most out of your lessons with me.

Another added layer of trust and security for you:

  • You want to be able to sleep at night and know I’ve got your back for wellbeing
  • You want to discover your capabilities. And you want confidence from a world class mentor
  • You want a clear path of how that’s going to happen. And you want to know that you’re not wasting your time and money on a teen who’s looking for pocket money

That's why every client who books with me agrees to my Tuition agreement and T’s & C’s

My Tuition agreement is under guidance from the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). I’ll deliver your tuition in keeping with ISM rules and regulations. This includes advice for Safeguarding. And access to up to speed webinars so I can keep upskilled too. So you can relax, knowing you’re in safe, knowledgeable hands. I also hold a current DBS Certificate.

I’ll keep up to date with the most recent training and advice in all areas of teaching and learning, plus the latest ideas for resources and software. Which means, you’re guaranteed to always receive the highest quality you deserve in a secure online learning environment. Double security- without the extra cost of a security guard!