Song Rights & Usages

One Song- Let me make your day
Songwriting & performing in one

You've probably noticed- I'm not like all the other songwriter services out there- I like to be clear about things from the start, so there's no confusion. 

The first step in any relationship is about trust. & to feel safe. You want someone who's honest & open, right?

As the creator of the song I write for you, I am the owner of that song. From lyrics to the sound recording. You're granted permission to use the song I write for you for it's intended purpose- for you & the event you've requested it for. 

Like when you buy a DVD or stream a movie or binge watch a series- you pay a fee to access it. It's your DVD or download- but that doesn't mean that you own all the rights to the content. 

The same with when you download a song- whoever the composers, lyricists, performers are -own their respective rights. This of course depends on their contract & agreements. 

That's why- if you wish to use or share your bespoke song on any social media or in personal videos that are then shared with friends & family- you will need to pay a fee for this use. Further details, along with T's & C's are set out in our agreement. 

Any breach of this condition may be subject to the the Anti Piracy Unit of the BPI/IFPI who investigate and bring enforcement action to protect the copyright in recorded music registered with PPL.


One Song- Bespoke Song Service