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"I never thought in a million years that Isaac would ever have the confidence to play in front of an audience, let alone play a piece he’d created himself! Isaac really looks forward to his lessons with you. I’ve lost count of the times he has said “I wish it could be Friday everyday”. Thank you for showing us that he has the potential to take his music learning to the next level.
- Jenny- Parent, UK
  • You want to play, sing and perform, but your anxiety keeps getting the better of you
  • You’ve searched the web for your perfect music tutor, and it hasn’t worked. When you’ve switched, you’ve come across the same problem time and again
  • You’re still nervous, tense and fearful when you have a lesson & have to prepare for performance
  • You’ve tried to remember how things were and wish it was ok again

Remember when you used to love to play? When your face lit up . How excited you were and what a rush you got when you performed.

You know you want to do it all again, but to do this with an audience depends on you getting over your fear.

  • You know your future success depends on you getting it sorted
  • You’ve found yourself on autopilot putting up with poor service and not making progress

Are playing the same pieces dumbing down your creativity?

You don’t want a ‘quick fix’, but someone who’ll listen to your needs and give you what you want. 

If only you could get an expert to help you fix this before:

  • You watch another self- help video online
  • You avoid practice with the piece you don’t like - again
  • You hide away from getting started with playing
  • You get into those nasty bad habits that’ll ruin your voice, and your Piano technique
  • You get put at the back of the queue, when it’s your turn to share what you want
  • You miss out on all the good stuff music gives
  • You join the list of people who regret not learning an instrument and quit because things got too hard for them

When you’ve tried to switch tutors before, you’ve ended up with more of ‘the same’. You’re confused and frustrated. There’s zero clarity and you’re still petrified of the next steps. This same mistake keeps making you even more anxious. And you’ve realised you need to get it sorted once and for all. You wish someone would take it all away for you. As the saying goes; ‘If you always do what you’ve always done- you’ll always get what you’ve always got. This is where you’re at.


How are you ever gonna play and sing the pieces you want when the panic button is your best friend?!

You need your mind in the right zone for focus. You’ll achieve so much more. Your hours of hard work are a waste.  Sharing the amazing gift of music with others should be something you look forward to. It should be so exciting and uplifting at any moment.  Instead, your experience of performing lies in ruin. You dread and try to avoid it.

Here's what you’re doing wrong:

  • You’ve wasted time and hard earned cash for a trashy outcome- again. It’s clear those tutors are not in your league
  • You keep paying out for the same shoddy service but you’re too scared to switch
  • You’re worried about what other people, your friends, your partner or your family will think of you
  • You know how panicked and frustrated you feel when you’re faced with the same thing each lesson

And it’s because of these mistakes you’re never gonna make the grade

When you’ve needed your tutor for Jazz, you’ve found out they only play & teach Classical. When you’ve wanted help to give your playing a little more pizazz- your creativity gets crushed, and put back in the box. When you’ve needed advice to bring character to life. You want to know how to use your stage space. You’ve only found someone who’s static and says “Everyone plays and sings the same way.”

You want a tutor who’s honest and helps you understand things on your level.  Even well trained professionals have to train to become musical chameleons. You want someone who’ll break things down into a simple, step by step approach. So no matter your age or experience, learning music is fun and easy. You want to master the essentials, so you’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration. You want someone who can offer you more than the ‘standard’ set of tools, with time and patience to help you improve.


Keeping choosing the wrong music tutor is too expensive……

…….It doesn’t have to be that way

You don’t need to spend another holiday saving budget to get a confused, stiff, ‘stuck in their ways’ tutor. Or to invest your monthly mortgage payment in a tutor who’s an amazing performer- but they can’t teach. You don’t want a promise of the best exam outcome, only to have to fork out extra for a retake. Be honest with yourself. You know you’ve gotta start somewhere if you wanna make the final cut. So stop hiding the truth.

You’ve got two options:

1. Keep doing what you’re doing. Continue with the same mistakes. Confused with info overload, no clarity or feedback. Trawl the web in hope for a life saver video. Remember- Millions of subscribers doesn’t mean expert teacher. 

2. Have a world class, educator, mentor & coach help change your life. 

You’ve wasted too much valuable time and money. You’re still doing things that haven’t improved your situation, or how you feel.


You’ve wasted too much valuable time and money. You’re still doing things that haven’t improved your situation, or how you feel. 

  • Things are too tricky
  • Boring pieces are a frustration
  • There’s too much to learn

The problem remains- Where’s the perfect music tutor who’ll understand and listen to me?!And when I book with them, how do I get them to help me with what I need right away?

If only a music tutor like that existed where they:

  • Understand and listen to your needs
  • Break things down into simple steps
  • Take away the barrier of age or experience- It doesn’t matter
  • Make music fun and easy to learn
  • Teach you to master the essentials, so you’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration
  • Help take the anxiety out of your performance

Well say hello to your new music tutor!

Introducing: Me- Scott Welcomme

Let's start your Journey Scott Welcomme Music Services

Ditch unreliable, confused, anxious and upset. And bring reliable, honest and satisfied into your life.

I’ll leave you confident and relaxed. You’ll have more patience with yourself and feel comfortable and at ease. 

Change from ignored and irrelevant to supported and strong. With the confidence to show music theory who’s boss, ace your grade & nail your audition. 

I’ll help you understand what you need to get the part you’ve always dreamed of.

You'll even discover the vocal technique that helped Bradley Cooper bag his Grammy for 'A Star is Born'


Like with anything new, it takes patience to learn when you’re starting out. Even well trained professionals have to train to become musical chameleons. They work on style and character to make their performances real not robotic.If you want to learn an instrument but feel intimidated- I’ll help you erase the thought right now. 

I’ll break things down into a simple, step by step approach. So no matter your age or experience, I’ll make learning music fun and easy. I’ll help you master the essentials, so you’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration. If you’re returning to an old flame of learning an instrument. 

You can rely on me to put you back in touch and reconnect you with your musicality.  Imagine being able to bring your most enjoyable memory back to life again- but on a grander scale. The look on the faces of your family and friends when they see and hear you perform again- Priceless.

You’ll love your own confidence when you look in the mirror and know you didn’t give up for good. You know once the music’s in you- it’s for life. I’d love to help you bring back the same smile for you.

Whether you’ve been learning for a while, or starting out and need some guidance. I’m here to help develop your strengths and creativity. I’ll work with you to pinpoint areas where you need nurture.

I’m available to book in with right now to help you turn your nerves to excitement and take the pressure off. You’ll enjoy practical and effective techniques to help overcome any difficulties. You’ll feel in control and want to flaunt your skills every time you get an opportunity.


If you need more convincing - read on, my friend

Make the change from lessons you loath to lessons you love! 

Get inspired while you focus with style and clarity for performance

Choose me when these are true for you:

  • You’re frustrated and confused with what your tutor tells you & you get zero clarity when you ask for help
  • You doubt yourself and your abilities
  • You can’t read music and you’ve lost your confidence as a result
  • You’re fed up of your tutor, who teaches the same old stuff and you want someone who relates to you instead
  • You get information and technique thrown at you, but you haven’t a clue what to do with it all
  • You say no to people who ask you to perform
  • You want to love music- get excited, satisfied and confident
  • You never feel in control of what you learn
  • You want to get out of your comfort zone, but you don’t know how, or where to start
  • You feel anxious and stressed out when you know you’ve got a lesson
  • You’re puzzled and overwhelmed by a ton of words in different languages- where’s the subtitles?

You’ve felt the frustration of searching for a music tutor who is a brilliant, flexible musician. 

But, when you want help for different styles or advice for different challenges. You either have to hop between tutors (time and money wasters). Or search through 10,000 videos on Youtube. Only to find out they don’t actually solve the problem you’re looking for help with- You got conned by a key word again.

Choose me when:

  • Your pieces all sound the same
  • You need help and advice with character and style, but your tutor only teaches ‘by the book’
  • You can’t read music and you’ve lost your confidence as a result
  • It’s all too hard- you’re ready to quit
  • You avoid the tricky parts and stick to the bits you can play well
  • You’re fed up with unrelated ‘work-out’ gym music playing through a self- help video- while you’re trying to learn
  • You forget to look at the sheet music and play from memory- then when you look at your music, you have no clue where you are
  • You’re looking to expand your style and discover something new
  • You write lyrics but you want to learn how to write the music to play along yourself
  • You’ve been doing ok, and can sing or play -but know you can do better
  • You want to learn the secrets of how to write the soundtrack for epic blockbuster movies

Tutors that can play- but can’t teach. They keep you from what you want

A search for a freelance musician is like choosing which movie to watch- You go by their reviews and ratings. But, like a movie, what’s 5 stars for one person, might be 2 stars for you. Even if you get some sort of refund for poor service, you’ll still face the same problem. 1) starting your search all over 2) Time wasted. So what’s after that? Wasting more time and hard earned cash?Why should you have to be the one to keep chasing your tail and come away disappointed each time?

Getting the right help from a reliable, multi-talented music tutor- who’s also a songwriter, composer and performer. Has had you rushing around like Ethan Hunt- It’s been Mission Impossible.

With me- it’s not. You won’t find yourself exhausted from a tutor switch between practical and theory. There’ll be no empty hand or confused mind. That’s why I’m here for you.

Not sure if you can sing in tune? 

Think you’re too old to learn something new? 

Love to sing but think you have no talent?

That’s my job to sort! You focus on what you want and need. Leave the details to me. 

I’ll help you hit the right notes to be pitch perfect. Strike a chord & play with feeling. And show you the secrets to become a great musician.

Remember- Everyone gets nervous. I’ll help keep you calm.

"Scott was my music teacher and a great one too. Over the few years he has been a massive influence on me and my singing; He has shared his passion for music with me, and taught me many different areas and history of music. He has helped to boost my confidence and to become a much more professional performer. I’ve learnt so much from him throughout the years, including helping me with my vocal range. He has made me a better, confident, singer. Scott is an excellent teacher, who is committed, dedicated and easy to get on with.
- Jodie

Here’s why you want to learn with me- a world class, outstanding professional

  • No more Groundhog Day
  • You’ll get the harder stuff broken down, so you’ll understand it
  • You’ll learn why a simple start means an epic end
  • You want excitement, satisfaction and confidence. There's a whole brain area you've yet to unlock and discover. I'll show you how.
  • You’ll get clarity over confusion
  • You’ll get confidence rather than doubt
  • You’ll change from scared to excited when it comes to performance
  • You’ll love having things made relatable. I want to get to know what you want and need
  • You’ll get a trustworthy & reliable expert. I’ll give you the information and techniques you need to get things done
  • You learn to master the essentials, so you’ll save yourself a ton of time and frustration
  • You’ll get super organized, and learn to be a great communicator
  • You’ll get a committed mentor. I’ll help you find your voice and refocus how you play, so you'll always be ready for when your agent calls

Because I have a wealth of wisdom and knowledge as a world class educator. I’ve spent 17 years teaching in different places - both sides of the globe. I’ve taught clients from age 4 through to Grandparents. 

I’ve learned so much over the years- and still love to learn new things. You never stop.I don’t only show you the ropes. I’m the full show without an interval (but defo with ice cream and snacks!)

With me:

  • You get a fun, but dedicated professional
  • You’ll enjoy an enthusiastic manner & teaching style
  • You’ll have a tutor with a wicked sense of humour- so you’re guaranteed a good laugh!
  • You’ll believe in yourself
  • Your confidence will grow. Improving your self esteem and attitude to learning
  • You’ll love being in control of your learning
  • You’ll finally get peace of mind & get what you want
  • You’ll learn to read music and sing with confidence. Even if you have zero musical knowledge
  • You’ll learn to sing and play the correct sounds, with accurate pitch and tone
  • You’ll get guidance and advice with expression and character
  • You’ll learn the correct techniques- I’ll show you how to tweak things as you go
  • You’ll enjoy lasting knowledge- stuff that will stick with you for years
“Most useful about the lessons – for me it is just the confidence thing. First off was hearing from you that my voice was not so terminally awful that I could train it to be a passable singing voice. And then next, your detail, detail, detail on the phrasing and tiny thing about each song shows me how to go about improving. And of course, learning that it’s a physical thing and you have to train your body in breathing, relaxation, and all those consonants and vowels. Oh yes, and listening! You are an excellent teacher.”
- Lizzie
  • You’ll love discovering different styles. Classical, Jazz, Music Theatre, and everything between, I’ve got you covered
  • You have the option to get guidance for, and train to take grades and exams
  • You’ll learn to analyse pieces and focus on detail
  • You’ll build your repertoire so it’s suited to what you want and need
  • You’ll lay the foundations for building more advanced info and advice
  • You’ll learn things I wish I’d learnt from the start
  • You’ll enjoy a smooth flow when you face challenges first
  • I’m honest- I won’t hold back or beat around the bush. I’ll cut straight to the point to help with your needs
  • I’ll help you with technique and expression to tell stories and ignite images in your listeners mind

Anyone can find a music tutor, but few find the right one who’ll be patient, and listen. It’s not about someone who can play well and show off their performance medals. You want a solid night’s sleep and know your anxiety is gone. If someone you are working with makes you feel uncomfortable, it’ll show in all you do.  

You could be working with the world’s best Piano or vocal coach. But if there is something that doesn’t click – it won’t bring out the best in your playing or voice. Your confidence will drop, and you won’t get the best out of your investment.

  • You want to work with someone you trust, who listens to you and you’re compatible with
  • You want a teacher who will give you time and space to speak your mind and tell things how it is
  • You want someone who will address your problems. Someone who’ll work with you to make your needs into specific, manageable, actions. All decided by you.
  • You want the pain of not feeling good enough to vanish and your fear of stepping up to the spotlight taken care of

No one can tell you what is most important to you- ‘cept you. You know what you want and you need. 

You want clarity with what you need help with- and how to fix it. 

Clarity brings confidence. And when you’re confident, you don’t worry. When you don’t worry so much, you make the right choices. When you make the right choices, you realise you don’t have to make things perfect.

You can get started with making the changes you want in your life right away. You'll stand up for yourself and pursue your dreams. You'll enjoy life and make a meaningful difference in the world.

I’m not only a Piano player, singer and drummer. I’m an accomplished musician. A mentor for teaching & learning. I’m a senior leader in education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). I’ve dealt with all sorts of important stuff in and outside of school settings. I’ve even been a Governor. There’s so many stories to share with you.

As a member of the Guild of International & Composers (GISC). And a Writer- member of the PRS, I have the ability to guide you with writing the next big hit. I explain things in detail, and relate things to different styles and settings. So you’ll enjoy a deep understanding.

"Scott is a gifted songwriter with many of his creations making their way into assemblies and indeed the music curriculum. As a very diverse teacher, he has a vast skill set that includes music production using various technology platforms, considerable training in world music, expertise in various choral contexts, as well as leading orchestral ensembles that include conducting and arranging. Scott is also experienced in Musical Theatre and is a very good pianist. I would love the opportunity to work together in the future.
- David Spencer. Head of Performance and Creative Arts. Discovery Bay International School. Hong Kong

Years of school concerts and summer theatre groups kept my mind off being the school ‘Fatty’. Getting bullied allowed me access to a superpower I never knew I had. That’s why I don’t only teach pieces from a book. In fact, I prefer to put the book down and get your brain into gear to make the magic happen. 

When you learn which order to play your notes in, you create the perfect sweet harmony. Magic happens, and you get to take your listener on the most amazing adventure.

So why do newbies and pros keep coming back to me?

Clients choose me because I have a solid background of international success. I’ve worked with leading professionals, and proven my worth time and again.

  • Parents and School leaders trust me to keep things fresh. I keep curiosity alive- like the Cheshire Cat and Alice
  • My clients enjoy a love for learning and a ‘want’ to pursue their dreams
  • They love the tools to be in control of their learning. So they can continue with it way into the future
  • My clients love that they learn without realising it. They find themselves recalling key things in the most unusual situations!
  • They realise bad habits they’ve picked up in the past need to change

Over the past 17 years, I have mentored thousands of students across the globe. To see them blossom from shy & timid, to beam with confidence as performers and songwriters.  It’s why I do what I do. 

One of my most memorable students in the last 12 months (from before the Pandemic kicked in). Is a student who played Piano in the School Orchestra. I helped her change from an ABRSM Grade 3 exam passer, to a confident performer who could pass as Grade 7 for sure. Plus, they’d begun to put the music sheet down. They’d started to play by ear and with more feeling. 

I taught them skills to use the right side of their brain. They started to explore new ideas and challenges. Which changed their playing skills, technique and personality.It helped them to be more sociable, helped express emotions and developed intellect. It’s been an inspirational journey that has given them habits to remember for life.

"We wanted to say a personal thank you. You have been such an incredible inspiration to Luke. He comes home bursting with enthusiasm for music and playing the drums. It has helped him through the transition period to Secondary School so much, so thank you.
- Emma
"Thank you for teaching me. My music knowledge will still be there in 20 years time!
- Amber

Clients choose me to change their lives through music because:

  • They get confidence when they discover new things
  • They love practical and effective techniques
  • They gain much more freedom and choice
  • They discover their own capabilities
  • They realise performing is a lifelong thing….. And real fun too!
  • They discover they can create masterpieces- from a simple starting point. Regardless of their background
  • They feel motivated, knowledgeable, inspired and ready to innovative
  • They love expressing themselves by writing their own songs and movie music
  • They love combining their singing and acting skills to become their favourite characters. Enter the realm of Music Theatre performance

You want to know you're safe- I've got your back for well being

I’m always on the lookout to make sure my own credentials are up to date. Safeguarding and Child Protection are so important. In the last year I've had four extra updates. Including training for the Prevent Duty. Both from education and music industry professionals. Tim Gerrish OBE, (Head of International Child Protection) Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). The National College  & The Key. I also hold a current Enhanced DBS Certificate. 

You'll sleep well with added protection as standard. You'll love growing in confidence from shy & timid to blossom with resilience galore.

You’ll have the guarantee you’ll always enjoy the wealth of experience of a top musician. I don’t only play. I explain and inspire.

You’re so close to booking with a teacher who’s credentials look like the profile of a Mandolorian. You could be getting:

  • Increased results and satisfaction
  • The life changing experience and thrill when you perform with confidence
  • Considerable ability in many styles and settings
  • International inspiration and styles
  • 100% pass rate for your exams
  • Outstanding music provision, as quoted by Ofsted

Within the first 5 mins of starting your first lesson. You could have a world class music specialist changing your opinion.  You’ll enjoy music for life.

"Thank you for igniting my passion for music and drama!
- Marshall

You want the best, most comfortable journey, right? It’s important to let me know your vision from the start so I can work with you to make it a reality. Learning a physical instrument and how to express yourself is a skill. It's a pleasure enjoyed throughout life- not only a moment.It’s never too late to discover the magic of music and take up an instrument.

If you know how to tap, move, walk, dance, click, make a sound or have a heartbeat- You’re already a musician! All you gotta do is this.  Put things in order, or out of order if you want to go 20th Century Avant Garde.

Everyday we move, train and dance to the rhythm that’s life. We improvise and adapt as we go. New, exciting pathways help us overcome fear and relax our mind, body and soul. I’m one of them. Music holds no boundaries. It’s not restricted to background or age. Anybody can ignite their individual journey of musical discovery. 

From before we're born into this strange but wonderful world. We’re introduced to the incredible wonder of vibration and sound waves. Shapes, rhythms and patterns are natural gifts for us to nurture.Learning an instrument is no different from learning new things as a baby. Sure, we’ll hit speed bumps along the way, but we learn to adapt and grow.

"Thank you so much! We are so grateful you have changed our opinion on music and allowed us to grow!
- Eliesha & Anna

Music is the same as doing a puzzle, or building with blocks. Or playing your favourite video game. The order can change, so can the level of challenge. There are many different ways of producing the same thing, with a different outcome. 

Like I say to my own kids, when they play construction with blocks- Start easy and work your way through. You’ll discover tips along the way to make things easier and more enjoyable. 

When you explore the sounds without the added pressure from judging eyes and ears. You get back the confidence you lost. The anxiety, trembling and frustration. The voices in your head filling you with disappointment or negativity- I’ll wipe ‘em all out. Gone.

"Thank you for inspiring the love of music onto Rosie. For a child who finds schooling hard, you have made Rosie believe in herself.
- Emily

 Pure creativity done your way- spectacular performances every time…..

.…. And a guaranteed standing ovation!

If a baby can do it- so can you. 

When you discover the life changing, positive effects of learning an instrument. You’ll learn how to lift spirits in times of sorrow. You'll create the soundtrack for success and victory.For those moments when we can't find the words. Let me help you to connect with our ultimate way of communicating- through music.

"“The lessons are excellent value for money. What you give people is hugely valuable and they will be happy to pay it”
- Liz V

Your change from stage fright to spotlight starts from less than £30. 

Ready to get confidence in your ability? 

Here’s what you need to do next:

Click the button that says Book Now. The black one with white writing at the bottom of this page. It’ll take you to all the details with a step by step guide for securing your lesson.

Isn’t this exactly what you need? Confidence boosting instruction and advice from a world class educator.

You want support and get your mind set on creating, composing & playing. Right?

You want to wow people with your singing ability, and nail your exam or audition. Don’t you?

You want to do all this without the need to hop between unreliable tutors who don’t listen to your wants or needs?

You don’t wanna be like everyone else, do you? You want to stand out from the crowd

Even if your current tutor promises they’ll ‘do better’. You want access to someone you can trust, who has everything you need to ignite your path to success. Without the need to book a spa treatment after each session. 

Is it even an option for you to not do this? You’ve come to my website. Read through all the details to make one of the most important decisions to change your life. You know, if you stick with doing what you’re doing you’re 100% guaranteed you’ll keep making the same mistakes. Your frustration will still be there for you. You’ll be back to square one all over again. 

But if you continue to invest in your new direction of success, you’ll get 100% control over your musical future. Not to mention the change in your life and how you’re viewed.

Like I mentioned before. You’ve got two options:

1. Keep doing what you’re doing. Continue with the same mistakes. Confused with info overload, no clarity or feedback. Trawl the web in hope for a life saver video. Remember- Millions of subscribers doesn’t mean an expert teacher. 


2. Have a world class, educator, mentor & coach help change your life. 

You’re either 100% committed to a significant shift in how you do things, or you’re happy to stay as you are.

If you’re worried about what other people, your partner or your family will think. Instead of thinking to yourself “What do you think they’ll say?” “What if they say no?” Say to yourself “What do you think they’ll say to my incredible success and awesome musical talent?”

With your amazing skills ‘no’ is not an option. You’ll have fans queuing round the block in no time. Well, in virtual form! If you’re thinking of asking your friends, family or partner for ‘permission’ before you book. Well, what sets you apart is your personal responsibility for your future success. Are you happy with how that looks right now? 

You’ve made a leap by coming here and reading this today. Why turn back now?

You sense me as someone who knows what they want and need- trust your gut.You want to learn the secrets of the professionals, without doubting yourself. And you want to save yourself a ton of time and frustration.

The whole idea of learning with me is to give you expert advice.

I give specialist guidance, so you can succeed with what you want

Here’s how that works.....

Think of it like hopping on a video call for a weekly catch up with your best friend. Or sharing your latest creative invention with family. Like the fun, but knowledgeable ‘Family quiz time’. Without the obligatory disagreement and hassle.

Pain Free- Solution Focussed- Clear, Confident Results

All this comes from what you want and need. Even if you have zero musical knowledge.

Now, I’m good- but I do need a bit of help to make sure we’re on the same page to get going. 

I’m only right for you if the following sounds like you:

  • You want confidence in your ability
  • You want to kick anxiety into touch
  • You’re serious about wanting to fix your fear
  • You want things you find hard made easier
  • You’re dedicated and ready to feel good about your talent

I take nervous, anxious individuals, with low self esteem. And often feel like they're failures. And I give them the opportunity to change their life through music.

"When starting my tuition with Scott I was void of any formal singing experience; my vocal ability was substandard and the prospect of 'learning to sing' appeared exceptionally daunting. However, these uncertainties were quickly eradicated. The learning environment was supportive and extremely focused, allowing my singing ability to increase dramatically.
- Owen

No one likes rules. So see these as a guide for how to make sure you get the best from your lessons with me

You might be wondering “Why on earth do I need to complete an agreement. And read and agree T’s & C’s?!”

Here’s why:

You build relationships through trust and feeling safe.

Every client agrees to the tuition agreement and T’s & C’s.

  • You want to be able to sleep at night and know I’ve got your back for wellbeing
  • You want to discover your capabilities. And you want confidence from a world class mentor
  • You want a clear path of how that’s going to happen. And you want to know that you’re not wasting your time and money on a teen who’s looking for pocket money.

That’s why I put these extra bits in place. To make sure you’re safe and you get the best you deserve in a secure online learning environment. No need to worry about shoddy excuses and poor quality teaching. You deserve the high quality, outstanding, world class provision that I offer. 

If you do your bit and I do mine, that’s double security- without the extra cost of a security guard!

You’ll be thankful you did it when you get your place in the spotlight. What's a bit of reading and signing paper anyway? You’d do it if it were posting on Social media or ordering online wouldn’t you?

"Scott’s students are being given a first class, specialist education in music which is down to his passion and commitment. It is a great privilege to be able to enjoy the ‘fly on the wall’ opportunity of watching Scott’s lessons, and I personally have felt I have benefited from just observing him.
- Luke Selby- Drum Teacher

Do you want to run the risk of staying with more of the ‘same’? Or do you want to feel safe in the hands of a trusted professional?

Don’t gamble with going backwards. You came here to make progress didn’t you?

All you need to do is this:

Click the button that says Book Now. The black one with white writing at the bottom of this page.

It’ll take you to all the details with a step by step guide for securing your lesson.

Another added layer of trust and security for you:

My tuition agreement is under guidance from the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM). I’ll deliver your tuition in keeping with ISM rules and regulations. This includes advice for Safeguarding. And access to up to speed webinars so I can keep upskilled too. So you can relax, knowing you’re in safe, knowledgeable hands.

I’ll keep up to date with the most recent training and advice in all areas of teaching and learning- plus the latest ideas for resources and software. Which means, you’re guaranteed to always receive the highest quality you deserve.

Before your lessons starts:

1. Make sure your tuition agreement is completed

2. Sign it & return to me by email as a PDF

This’ll guarantee all the immediate paperwork is done & dusted, so we can focus with music making!

Once we’re set and agree, we can move forward with ruling the galaxy together! Only kidding. Once we get started, you’ll feel like a Jedi, though. With so much good energy flowing, you’ll be ready to use your force and make change for the better.

If you’d rather have a ‘Free trial’ lesson to see if I’m right for you. …… Well, if you’ve read this far, you’ll know if I’m the right music tutor for you. If you want to enter the realm of awesomeness as an unstoppable singer, player, songwriter. Performer and kick-ass all round musician then please read step 1 above again.

After your first session, I’ll invite you to let me know how I can help you further to shape your ideal path ahead.

“It all sounds great. But…. does it work?” “Will I be awesome and have the confidence to perform in the spotlight?”

You want to work with someone you trust. Someone who listens to you and you’re compatible with. But the trust has to work both ways. As I say to my own kids- “Those clothes don’t make their own way to the wash basket, you know!”

In any walk of life, you only get out - what you put in. Unless it’s one of those grabber machines from a fairground.

I’m 100% committed- Are you?

Practice is a part of being a musician. Yep, the ‘P’ word! Think of it as a small, musical experiment on your journey to being a musical genius.

You can take lessons & study theory. Buy the most expensive piano and have an amazing vocal coach. But unless you’re prepared to play your part in our agreement. Your progress will have a longer delivery time than you’ll wish for.

You have to trust you can’t rush the fine things in life. Success takes time. So don’t get all wound up if you’re not playing the ‘Rach 3’ or singing Toreador by your 3rd lesson!

"The most important thing you helped with was making it easier for me to understand different concepts that might have been more difficult if you hadn't been there to guide me.
- Rory

You still need to think about it? Ok, what’s there to think about? It’s a no brainer right?

You want to go from stage fright to spotlight and have the confidence you’ve been looking for? Or you’re happy to stay with what you’ve got?

Will all this international ability work for you? The best way to find out is to book in and allow me to do what I do.

Worried your friends, partner or family members won’t approve?

Like the Jedi Force- It’s all about balance.

They want what's best for you. Don’t you think they’d support you doing something to ease your frustration? 

I’m sure you’d love to surprise your partner with your new found musical skills & talent. Imagine the look on their face when they hear you sing and play! You’ll even have the confidence to write them a song.

Do you need permission to change your life? Or are you only telling everyone that you’re making the choice to change your life for the better?

Now, I don’t wanna cause any disagreements and I’m not a qualified counsellor.

That’s why I offer a guarantee.

If you’re defo. certain you don’t want to go ahead with solving your problem, and you’d rather stay as you are. You’ve got the full security and guarantee of a refund.

Now, I’m not a trial service tutor- I like to know my clients & I have done our research and know that we gel. We don’t simply want to get the job done. We want to work together to make sure that what you learn with me will still be in your brain in 20 years time.

So get what you need from me, or get your money back. That’s my guarantee

Important: You can only use the guarantee once. Why?

Because if you didn’t think my world class, outstanding teaching worked for you. Even after I’ve pulled out all the stops and bent over backwards to assist you. You’re best to go elsewhere. I don’t offer refunds on a travelator basis. I’m not a Sushi cafe.

"I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking for a singing teacher. He is a fun, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable teacher adaptable to any styles of singing. Scott is very flexible; he always focuses his lessons on the style of music the pupil would like to sing. He always explains the reasons for his techniques and as a pupil I was made aware of the importance of vocal health. In the three years that he taught me I grew in confidence with my singing ability which has encouraged me to take part in performances at school as well as university.
- Becky

You know you’re wasted keeping your talent hidden away

You know where you belong - Centre Stage - and all eyes on you. 

And that’s where you deserve to be

  • Your confidence boosted
  • Things broken down so you understand
  • Knowledge to last you a lifetime
  • More confidence to understand more detailed info on things like sheet music

You’re destined for greatness. You’re ready to move forward. Sharing love and passion for the enjoyment and positive effects that music can bring.  

Unlike other tutors:

  • You won’t need to worry about being nervous- I’m here to help keep you calm
  • You won’t need a PhD to understand and learn with me!
  • You get support, inspiration and confidence- that’ll stick with you for life

And, unlike other tutors- Everytime you sing or play - you help someone else do the same.I’m proud to ‘Pay it Forward’ supporting the AYM Presto campaign. Like me, they remove obstacles and realise potential.

When you want a music tutor who’s going to be there for you the whole way. From the very start, to still being in touch in years to come, so I can hear of your continued success. Don’t waste time hiring a pristine performer, who only cares about their own.

Let my clients' results justify every lesson you invest with me. You’ll get the advantage of access to world class knowledge. Without extra hassle of switching tutors, or a let down at the last moment. You’ll also have the guarantee of current information from industry professionals.

You know if you still have questions, we can talk about your needs in more detail. If it helps you to feel more confident with booking. You want the most comfortable journey right? We’re in this for the long haul, so you want to make sure you’re travelling in business class, with all inclusive snacks! I want to make sure I know what you want so I can help you fix it.

That’s why, If you need extra help along the way, I’m here for you

I like a personal email. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy like a Care Bear. Serious, though. If you need extra support for anything, or you have any questions. You want to discuss your next steps in more detail or you’ve got awesome feedback for me- I’d love to hear from you.

Of course, I want to be able to spend time with my family too. So please don’t have an automated system send me messages every hour. I love talking about food for sure- but not every item you had for dinner each night. Unless it’s dessert! 

You’ll soon get to know that I do love to keep in touch with your reality. Not only does it help with keeping things relatable for when we meet for lessons. But it also means that we have a human connection. I have a real dislike for pay and go tutors, who have no time for their clients interests. I’m not a one-off supermarket deal. Think of me more like your local plumber or electrician. Who you call on for reliable service and ability to fix your problem. While, catching up with the latest gossip.

So do you want to go for an individual, (all to yourself with no one stealing your thunder) booking. 

Or a group (don’t want to share my popcorn with you, but have to) booking?

Don’t forget. I offer a family package and also a Package Deal option, which’ll leave you organised, and with a nice discount.

Get your tuition agreement completed, emailed back to me. And get yourself booked in ready for your first slot.

If you’re ready to get learning- let’s get set up.

Remember, it’s never too late to discover the magic of music and take up an instrument. The music tutor you’ve been looking for and waiting to appear is right here, waiting to begin!

So what are you waiting for?!