Use This Secret Ingredient To Feel Amaze (No Gym Membership required!)


Wanna know the secret for how to feel fantastic?!

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There’s a secret ingredient to help you combat stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. You’ll have the power and ability to transform your mood and emotions. It’ll leave you fresh and revitalised. Recharged and full of energy. You’ll feel like you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. 

No Gym membership required. No fad diet or exercise regime that won’t work. This is the real deal. 

Tried and tested with methods of success on both sides of the globe. Life long benefits guaranteed. As well as a pleasure sooo good. You’ll find it hard to find the words to describe it! 

Now, more than ever- It’s vital that we learn to motivate ourselves to good health. And refocus our minds with positive energy.

So, you ready for it?! 

The great news is- You’ve known this secret since before you were born into this strange but wonderful world!

Even when you’re still growing in the womb, you’re introduced to the incredible wonder of vibration and sound waves. You developed your knowledge of the one vital ingredient in the great recipe of life.

Your love for Music!

Everyday you move, train and dance to the rhythm of life- You improvise and adapt as you go.  You discover new pathways along the way and get your brain all excited. When you allow yourself to make that connection- the inseparable bond that music brings. You’ll overcome a host of negative things. And your fear and anxiety will vanish!

You’ll be spellbound by the overwhelming hypnotic effects of music. An addiction. A drug so powerful there’s no escape. The mix of hope, love, happiness and sadness. All rolled into one. It’ll relax your mind, body and soul. There’s nothing quite like it.

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Calm before the show by Scott Welcomme

Take your mind off things and allow you to feel a moment to be calm. 


Think about it. 

When you’re happy and want to celebrate- Music helps to boost that feeling. When you’re sad and not feeling so good. When you find yourself with a situation where you’re lost for words. Or don’t quite know the right thing to say. Music is there to help express your emotions. As the great Hans Christian Andersen said:

Where Words Fail Music Speaks

For every pinnacle moment in your life- major, life changing events. Music is there to pull you through.

So, where are these benefits you speak of? I hear you ask. Well, when you listen to music, like when you learn new things. Synapses connect in your brain.

Brain _ Synapse

The three main chemicals that ‘release’ from your brain and get your body geared into better health are E,S & D

Brain 2

E- Endorphins

These are released by your body & mix with connections in your brain. To reduce pain and stress. And boost pleasure!

S- Serotonin

This is the chemical release that brings you wellbeing & happiness

D- Dopamine

This is a type of Neurotransmitter- it makes you feel!

You have a duty, as a human being to nurture this gift and transform your life to better health & happiness. Lead your own pathway to one you never knew existed.

You can go even further, and discover more life changing, and positive effects. You’ll get stacks more of these feel good chemicals from your brain. If you learn to play an instrument, and sing.  

Learn how you can lift spirits in times of sorrow & bolster the feeling of success and victory for positive outcomes by writing your own song. For those moments when we can't find the words. Allow yourself to connect with the ultimate way of communication- through music.  

If you want in, I can help you develop your focus and discipline. And lead you to increased positive outcomes. Nurture and develop skills you’ll use in all settings, that will last a lifetime. You can become your own 'Go to' Playlist. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you never stop learning. You’re never too old to discover something new, or rekindle an old flame. Why should the kids have all the fun? Don’t be embarrassed to let your hair down too. 

You’ll show your kids learning is for life and inspire them to never give up. You do enough chores already- It’s time for you to treat yourself.  

Piano, Singing or Drums- What’ll it be? Are you the composer of the next blockbuster movie soundtrack? You’ll never know unless you try.

Instrumental tuition at Scott Welcomme Music Services

I'd love to hear how you've connected with the wonderful secret (but not really secret!) ingredient of Music. What helps to make you 'tick'? What helps you to combat stress and kick anxiety into touch?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Share as much detail as possible in your reply- Remember, your takeout moment may help someone else spring into action. And change their life for the better.

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Stay determined and strive to look after yourself and inspire others 

with your own secret ingredient.   

Write, sing and play your way to new confidence.

Light Your Spark- Reconnect- Transform Your Life!

Best wishes


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