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You deserve 100% everytime. The great news is- when you play or listen to music, you get just that, even without the use of a pen! This is not linked to talk about exams or music grades. Simply when you connect with music, you engage near on 100% of your brain! Daniel Levitin (2006)* reminds us:

'Musical activity involves nearly every region of the brain that we know about, and nearly every neural subsystem.'

You heard the studies that say as humans we usually only access 10% of our brain's full capacity? Dolphins use more of their brain's than us. Well, easy solution to use more of your brain- play or listen to music.


Music is universal. In every culture. It holds no barriers. Regardless of background, disability, race, religion or belief. Music is there for everyone. Take your pick of studies that show how music helps us to learn languages, improves memory, focus of attention & physical coordination & development. It strengthens your immune system & can significantly reduce negative vibes.

Where Words Fail Music Speaks

Whether you listen to, compose or perform- music engages the brain & manipulates our emotions. Sounds are processed in our neocortex, which helps to develop a personal relationship. When we engage with music- we engage our brain into a mindful, spiritual state, which means we get 100% natural goodness everytime, everywhere!

Brain _ Synapse

Every sound you hear, every note you sing, every chord you play. Music is so influential. It gives you the power to change the way you think, look & feel. It can change your perception about the world and everyone in it. Music makes us laugh, it makes us cry. It makes us connect & feel. It reminds us that we're human.

When you connect with music, new connections are made in your brain. So many connections, it's hard for us to make sense of. It's like fireworks in your brain! You heard that people that listen to different types of music tend to be smarter, more creative, open minded, honest? Well, thats because of the extra links that are made.


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Calm before the show by Scott Welcomme

Take your mind off things and allow you to feel a moment to be calm. 


Did you know that music has such influence on us that your favourite song is most likely to be your favourite because of the emotional attachment you have with it. You most likely link the song to an event in your life, a moment, a memory.

You know the time when a song plays & even for a second- you allow your brain to transport you to exactly where & when you associate the song with? The saying goes 'All it take is one song to bring back a thousand memories'

There's a great Ted-Ed video on How playing an instrument benefits your brain- It's right below for you to have a watch now.

So the question is- what do you want to learn? What can I help you with? Click the blue Book Now button below to book your slot with me & see how I can help you get 100% everytime

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I'd love to hear your thoughts about how you've connected through music. Leave a comment below and let me know. Share as much detail as possible in your reply- Remember, your takeout moment may help someone else spring into action. And change their life for the better.

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Stay determined and strive to look after yourself and inspire others 

with your own musical gifts.   

Write, sing and play your way to new confidence.

Don't settle for any less than 100% every time!

Best wishes


* Daniel J. Levitin This Is Your Brain on Music- The Science of a Human Obsession

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