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"Thank you for being the best music teacher ever! Thank you for being so supportive and helping me with everything I do. I wouldn’t be taking any grades without you.
- Erin
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Not sure if you can sing in tune? 

Think you’re too old to learn something new? 

Love to sing but think you have no talent?

You want to brush up on your skills before entering for an exam?

That’s my job to sort! 

You focus on what you want and need. Leave the details to me. 

If you know how to tap, move, walk, dance, click, make a sound or have a heartbeat- You’re already a musician! All you gotta do is put things in order. I’ll help you hit the right notes to be pitch perfect. Strike a chord & play with feeling. And show you the secrets to become a great musician.

Whether you’ve been learning for a while, or starting out and need some guidance. I’m here to help develop your strengths and creativity. I’ll work with you to pinpoint areas where you need nurture. 

I’m available to book in with right now to help you turn your nerves to excitement and take the pressure off. You’ll enjoy practical and effective techniques to help overcome any difficulties. You’ll feel in control and want to flaunt your skills every time you get an opportunity.

With the world still so disjointed right now. You need to look after the person who matters most. You need to 'live for the moment' and keep your dreams alive.

That's why I'd like to make 25% off selected services an extended feature for you, until further notice! Think of it as a small helping hand gift from me to you. To help nurture your creative side and keep your dream alive.

*Keep your dream alive! Discounted prices apply to selected services only.

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I’ve said before, honesty wins every time. We’ve gotta be right for each other to get the results you want.

You want to work with someone you trust. Someone who listens to you and you’re compatible with. But the trust has to work both ways. As I say to my own kids- “Those clothes don’t make their own way to the wash basket, you know!”

In any walk of life, you only get out - what you put in. Unless it’s one of those grabber machines from a fairground. You can take lessons & study theory. Buy the most expensive piano and have an amazing vocal coach. 

But unless you are prepared to play your part in our agreement. Your progress will have a longer delivery time than you’ll wish for.

If you’re certain you’re compatible with me and you’re:

  • Ready to get confidence in your ability
  • Want to Kick anxiety into touch
  • You’re serious about wanting to fix your fear
  • You want things you find hard made easier
  • You’re dedicated and ready to feel good about your talent

Go ahead & Book Now from £30

Keep Your Dream Alive! Give yourself the confidence boost you deserve from £22.50

* Keep your dream alive! prices apply to selected services only.

Offer extended until further notice.

After review- selected services will return to full price.  


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"Your enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism have been much appreciated by Staff, Parents, and the children of the School. The high quality of music provision in this school is a direct result of the efforts you have made to inspire all pupils in your care, regardless of their individual talent. This was evident in the Ofsted inspection when your teaching was highlighted as a beacon of excellence and cited as a particular strength of the school. Not only have you introduced the children to the joy of music but you have been an ambassador in the local community as well, taking groups of children to perform in a variety of different venues. As Assistant Head you have been hugely respected by your colleagues. Your sense of humour has often helped to lighten difficult situations! It has been a privilege to have worked with you.
- KP, UK

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