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There's always a choice, right? Stick with the regular- or GO LARGE! Yep- go on, you deserve it- and so do your listeners.

It's easy to 'stay in the safe zone' when it comes to composing. "Everything's already been written, anyway" you hear yourself saying. So why, I ask you, do new pieces of music appear everyday?

The fact is someone, somewhere decided to think different. Broke away from the 'regular'- they went LARGE! And, as a result- new pieces flourish.

Sure, you can stick to the 'same old' rule book of the 'standard'. Keep it short & sweet. But where's the fun in that?! Isn't it about time you allowed yourself the freedom to GO LARGE?!


Now, I'm not talking about going completely off-piste. Unless you want to truly think outside the box & go Avant Garde. But, you ever wondered why a car shows 240 MPH on the speedometer when you never go past 70? (legally anyway!) Well the same applies to composition & performance. You may have the regular 8 notes in an octave. But go chromatic and suddenly you got 12. Like ordering an extra side at the Drive-thru on a coupon deal, or when you get 4 extra pieces as a special offer.

Extra Bonus

So, you ask about the specials- that's where the excitement gets bigger! Expand the range even further- what new surprises & hidden gems do you have for your listeners or performers? What will make people stop and think "Wow!"

Think about it. How many notes on a Piano? How many octaves can a Flute stretch to? Why stick with one octave when you can go for 3?! Why stop at 3....?

Wagner went 'Large', with the infamous 'Tristan chord', from his revolutionary Opera 'Tristan und Isolde'. Sure he got some stick about it to start with- but wasn't that negative press he got the indirect start of a free marketing campaign.... Fast forward over 100 years & Berstein called it 'the central work of all music history'. Some comment that its entire musical being was so unique that it transformed the face of Classical music forever.

You might agree that there's no fun sticking with the rules. Sometimes ya just gotta step outside the comfort zone and press that big red button that says 'Don't Touch' (within reason....)

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My point is- You don't always have to stay where it sounds 'nice'. Sure, we all have our favourite 'go to' selection for chord progressions, DAW setup or secret stash of jazz licks. But with 7.8 billion people in the world (set to grow further) I'm sure you'll agree we can allow ourselves to expand our composing & playing styles to match the impermanence of our planet.

One thing's for sure- your audience will love your added bonus. An Easter egg to tease for what else is in store further down the line. Like a preview of the next season. A teaser trailer to get them excited and engaged.

Think about it- when you listen to a playlist, what makes your favourites stick out? You can bet your bottom dollar that the creative crew behind the tracks decided they'd 'Go Large!'

New discoveries are made everyday- so what's to stop you from the option of 'Go LARGE'?!

More more more

What cheeky extra 'sides' will you add to your creative collection?

How many 'Easter egg' bonuses will you make exclusive for your audience?

I'd love to hear your ideas. Leave a comment below and let me know. Share as much detail as possible in your reply- Remember, your takeout moment may help someone else spring into action. And change their life for the better.

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Stay determined and strive to look after yourself and inspire others 

with your own musical gifts.   

Write, sing and play your way to new confidence.

Don't miss out on extra- Go LARGE!

Best wishes


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